Welcome to The Implant Academy , India website! Founded in 2015, The Implant Academy is the first dental academy in India focused on 100% personalized and practical training in Oral Implantology. Its main objective is to impart world class training and hands-on experience in Advanced Implant Dentistry. The Academy invites oral Implantologists of international repute to give a comprehensive and personalized training in implant dentistry so as to enable the dentists looking forward to incorporate implant placement in their day to day practice with more confidence and experience. Through our educational courses and training, we provide expertise that immensely benefits the student in handling each unique case professionally without any hesitation.

Our courses include everything from Masters Degree in Implantology, Diploma Course in Implantology, Certificate Course in Implantology and also Oral Surgery Certificate Course. In India, it is the prime time for implant dentistry. The recent growth in dental technology and Implantology techniques are something we are constantly exploring and applying in our courses. In return, our students are improving their implant dentistry skills to a new level of sophistication — bringing them to the front-line of dental field.
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Ashish Joel Yuhanna

B.D.S., F.I.C.O.I.


Welcome to The Implant Academy – the pioneer of 100% practical and personalized Dental Courses in India. We aim to impart world class training in Advanced Implant Dentistry to boost your confidence and get you office ready! The Implant Academy invites implantologists of International repute to give a personalized training, enabling both fresh graduates and practicing dentists to effortlessly place dental implants in their day to day practice.

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